Salt Flakes Sea Smoked Maldon

First Sensory Evaluation 


This Smoked Maldon (referring to the brand of salt From Maldon in the UK) is well, salty! No sweetness, not sour, not bitter but actually rather  umami. Perhaps reminiscent of umami, if you will. I came across this salt in an odd environment, my cafeteria class. It’s described as odd because when I think of a cafeteria I think of table side salt; not glamorous at all. But here we have Maldon Salt, Flaky Smoked Maldon Salt. Sounds refined, glamorous, everything a cafeteria is not, until I walk through the door! Kidding… If anything I fit the cafeteria environment perfectly. 

But we’re not here to evaluate my current sense or style or smell, no, no, no. We are here to talk about this beautifully flaky Maldon salt!

With light brown marks spread throughout, giving it that true smoky appeal. It smells perfectly preserved liked a gorgeous smoked salmon. Not just any smoked salmon, high quality salmon that provides more umami opposed to the often cheap smoked salmon which can taste like rotten fish. The salt feels like small shards of ice flakes, when tasting it you can hear and feel a delicate crunch in your mouth right before it melts away leaving the taste of the full ocean behind. Besides smoked salmon it also reminds me of smoked meats. Do you see the trend here? Smoked, smoked and more smoked. This food is unique to me because firstly, you don’t see it at your everyday supermarket. I’ve always been aware of different flavoured salts, but this was my first time seeing smoked salt and getting to know the type of salt being that it’s Maldon. “The iPhones of salt” (N. Paumgarten for Bon Maybe I’ve heard of it before, but I don’t seem to remember it. The  monosodium glutamate appeal provides the aforementioned reminiscent umami, meaty flavour from the smokiness, count how many times I’ve said smoked. 

I have learned that I am really sensitive to salt flavours. Now I know why my Chef is always docking off marks for being under seasoned. I really enjoyed trying this salt I would most definitely purchase it again I think it is a great addition to my boring table side salt used at dinner. I’d much prefer to add this savoury ingredient, that is similar in texture to a crisped potato chip, to my beloved  medium rare new york strip every now and then. Upon experimenting with the salt I was delighted to find absolutely nothing unappealing about it. I really enjoyed it. I can see myself potentially using this salt also in a Rigatoni like the one made at Dimmi Trattoria in Yorkville, Toronto, Ontario. This experience has really changed the way I look at food and seasonings. Pushing my knowledge and understanding of flavours, taste, and different sensory skills has made it easier for me to explain my thought process.


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